development of the building industry

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With the continuous development of the building industry, the demand for more and more people aggregate, the requirement of its quality is more and more high. Uniform requirements, sand particle gradation and reasonable. So investors how to produce a large number of high-quality aggregate? This requires investors to rational design of the production process, using efficient processing equipment, and debugging to the best state, realize large-scale production, economy.

In the ore crushing and screening process, which is directly related to the yield and the quality of the finished product production line gold ore crusher. Therefore, investors should choose to run stable and reliable quality, processing a large amount of screening equipment, in normal operation should be the vibration frequency, angle for debugging.Vibration frequency and gold ore crusher material particles should be the coordination tacit understanding, and this point depends upon the magnitude of frequency in gold ore crusher, only to debug to the best state, in order to achieve the best effect of screening.

The exponential relationship between the productivity and the vibration frequency and the exciting force of gold ore crusher, increase production efficiency with the vibration frequency and the excitation force is increasing rapidly, but also effectively avoids the phenomenon of plug mesh.

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